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My Story

Like so many of you, I was born with eczema. I remember all the oatmeal baths I had to get as a little girl. I also remember being ashamed and embarrassed by it, just based off of the looks and criticisms I received, from people who didn't have it. I wore long sleeves to hide it, even in the summer time.

The worst of it was in my high school years, where like any other teen, I begin experimenting with hair color and perfumed lotions. It affected my skin and scalp so much that I had to cut off my hair my senior year from all the damage. Depression was an understatement.
Finally, after high school, I had had enough and went to a dermatologist, where they gave me steroid cream. I thought I had hit the mother load until it thinned my skin to the point where it wouldn't regenerate. I was hopeless.
Years passed and I started looking into natural products and stumbled across shea butter. I began using it but quickly learned that I was somehow allergic because it made me itch. I then went back to the store bought, expensive products. Those products helped for the most part, but it just left me smelling like chemicals and made my skin pale.
Once I started having children I knew it was time for a real and official change. My first born had eczema and I had made up in my mind that my children wouldn't experience what I had to, if I could help it.
Research and prayer produced what you see today. I finally had a lasting solution for me and my children.
One day, my mother-in-law came over and begin trying the products. She then told me that I needed to consider selling them. I listened but didn't pursue until I started meeting people, who just like me, needed a solution for their skin ailments. I then knew, she was right. It wasn't just for me. I wasn't just for my family. It was for all those looking for a solution.
Olive Branch Beauty Aesthetics is not just a natural product for skin ailments, it helps you feel good and look good with a fragrance you would be proud to wear.

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Well since Facebook wouldn't let me be great and just share the post, I posted the QR Code for this coupon as an added image. 

Any question? Just let me know!  Always willing to help! 😁
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We've made some improvements and we can't wait for everyone to enjoy the benefits of those changes!

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*Becoming a household name one person at a time!*
It takes more than money and inventory to run a business! 

Time to take it to the next level!!
This was one of the first picture I posted for my business! 
So much has changed for the better!
God is good! ❤️

How has your life changed for the better from last year to this year?
February 14th was my anniversary day but because life happens, I pushed this offer back. 
It's been a blessed year! I'm grateful for all the love and support from you all. 
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